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Hello STEP-tember!

September marks the 6th month that we have been remotely living our lives. We have zoomed through work calls, birthday parties, girlfriend catch-ups, kid play-dates, happy hours, even romantic dates! But now the question is, are you used to it yet? Have you embraced this behavior as your new normal or are you assuming that it will all go back to what we are used to? I have been guilty of waiting for Ashton to come out and let us all know that we've been Punk'd, and we can go back to normal now, but that day never comes! However, I have renamed this month STEP-tember to encourage us all to step into our new reality and what feels unfamiliar in order to maintain gratitude for this time of solitude, rest, and reset. If we continue in the vein of waiting, it will be difficult to move forward in our lives on a solid foundation. We must take a stance to take back control of our lives as the world continually changes around us. During this time I have learned that letting the world dictate how we move in life can have you paralyzed in times such as this. But when you understand that your well being, peace and stress levels can be maintained at healthy levels based off of YOUR behavior, it gives me a sense of relief that I can control any local chaos which allows me to remain calm with world mayhem! What reality are you choosing to "STEP" into?

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