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Fall Vibes...

Many everyday things can inspire the way I do art to the mood it evokes when its finished. One major aspect of nature can dictate how many of us proceed through life: the seasons. If you are fortunate to live in a climate that has all four seasons, consider yourself blessed. The opportunity to witness mother nature changing has a way of helping you see changes in your life as a beautiful process. The change of colors of the leaves and the process of them dying is an amazing thing to see. Art is similar in process. From an artist prospective, we are knee deep within our thoughts that we cannot see the beauty in the art we are creating until after it is finished. We see the intent and the need to communicate our deepest hurts, sorrow, pain, triumphs, and victories to tell a story with paint. We do not observe the beauty of the process like a spectator would. However, it would enlighten us to sometimes perhaps, take a step back and appreciate our feelings in the moment of painting them, and every now and then, stop and become a spectator of our work, our process, and our season of changing. This can help us better understand our growth and the sources of our beauty and pain. What inspires you during the fall? What do you tend to change during this time of year?

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