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My First Blog Post!!!

Hey Everyone,

This is my first stab at this blog thing and I have to say its been challenging to say the least! I wanted to start this to keep in touch with my supporters so you can get an in depth view inside my thoughts, dreams, and visions that you see in my artwork. I also hope that in return, I can learn more about my readers, what you like or don't, where you're from, and any innovative ideas for my artwork to get to the next level!

In deep thought on what to do next...

My Art Process

Beginning a new series or art piece can be as simple or complex as I see fit. Case and Point: the above picture shows my thinking as I go process. The overall idea of what I wanted to convey was focusing on the heart chakra and its meaning. However, I did not know exactly what it would look like, what designs or patterns, or where everything would be placed on the canvas. I just let it free flow from what I felt. This is one of seven pieces that I am currently working on. The series is called Spiritual Awakening. It focuses on the seven chakras or energy centers of the human body that goes along the spinal chord. They are as follows, (from the top down):

1. Crown: ( the gateway to a higher consciousness )

2. Third Eye: ( represents intuition and the ability to see beyond what lies on the surface )

3. Throat: ( gives voice to the heart chakra and controls our ability to communicate )

4. Heart: ( how we process emotion and show love )

5. Solar Plexus: (governs self-confidence)

6. Sacral: ( connecting to others and accepting change, pleasure, passion, sexual energy)

7. Root: (relates to our foundations and basic needs)

Stay tuned for more of this series and feel free to comment below and let me know what you think!

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