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Knowing yourself is the path to opening up vast opportunities for you! Mastering your body is a challenge in itself. Knowing your daily rhythms of ups and downs can assist you with planning your life. Learning how each of your body's systems and organs and how they work together are Biology 101. However, I will challenge that there's another layer that is not discussed that has a major impact on the things we cannot see under a microscope. Its our energy. We feel it when we meet someone for the first time, or when we get stage fright, or even when someone we know gets angry. We feel the shift in energy in the space. This book is about those energy centers, what they are, and how can you create your own thermometer to measure their volume of stimulation. I even explain how to keep them balanced through a process that you can do at home! 

"The better you know yourself, the better your relationship with the rest of the world." -Toni Collette

Discovering Energy: A real life application guide to learning about chakras

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